Andy Stevens, Director Enduristan UK

Andys first experience on a bike was at the age of 16 when he rode pillion on the back of his older brothers GSXR600 SRAD back in 1998. From that day onwards motorcycles were in his blood. He got his full motorcycle licence as soon as he was old enough, and since then, from the age of 18, has always owned and ridden bikes. He's ridden pretty much every type of bike out there including a £95,000 ARCH cruiser built by Keanu Reeves's custom bike company, and a competition ALTA fully electric dirt bike. Now he rides a Honda CB500X which is proving to be a truly capable and light weight all round adventure bike.. after some modifications, of course!

Enduristan Global Owners

Enduristan is still fully privately owned by the founders David and Isabel Jenni, Christoph von Ow and our marketing manager Stefano Bucher.