Meet us in person and see our products in real at the following Events:

27-29.1.2023 Germany Motorradwelt Bodensee, Friedrichshafen Hosted by Enduristan Germany
2-5.3.2023 Germany Motorräder Dortmund, Dortmund Hosted by Enduristan Germany
10-12.3.2023 Poland Warsaw Motorcycle Show, Warsaw Hosted by Enduristan Poland
11-12.3.2023 Bulgaria Overland Adventures, Sofia Hosted by Enduristan Bulgaria
18-19.3.2023 Poland Wroclaw Motorcycle Show, Wroclaw Hosted by Enduristan Poland
24.3.2023 Italy HAT Shakedown, Milan Hosted by Enduristan Italy
25.3.2023 Czech Republic Offroad Maraton, Milovice Hosted by Czech Republic
20-23.4.2023 Poland Szuter Rally (Touristic Rally), Chancza Hosted by Enduristan Poland
22-23.4.2023 Italy HAT Series: Bobbio Adventurefest, Bobbio Hosted by Enduristan Italy


Töfftesttage, Derendingen Hosted by Enduristan Switzerland
28.4.-1.5.2023 Italy Sterrare Umano E' Trophy, Pescara Hosted by Enduristan Italy
11-14.5.2023 Bulgaria BAG Explorer, Neofit Rilski Hosted by Enduristan Bulgaria
13.5.2023 Poland Modeka Rally Challenge (Touristic Rally), Wroclaw Hosted by Enduristan Poland
13.5.2023 Italy Raid Wild Sardegna, Olbia Hosted by Enduristan Italy
20.5.2023 Poland Yamaha Tourist Rally Cup, Piaseczno Hosted by Enduristan Poland
26-28.5.2023 Poland Rajd Bieszczadzki Wilcza Sfora (Touristic Rally), Bieszczady Mountains Hosted by Enduristan Poland
27.5.2023 Italy Valli Bresciane Audax, Brescia Hosted by Enduristan Italy
1-4.6.2023 Romania Transilvania Bikers, Cluj Napoca Hosted by Enduristan Romania
16-18.6.2023 Bulgaria Road Adventures, Voneshta voda Hosted by Enduristan Bulgaria
17.6.2023 Poland Yamaha Tourist Rally Cup, Bydgoszcz Hosted by Enduristan Poland
17.6.2023 Italy HAT Series: Ponte di legno Adventurefest, Ponte di Legno (BS) Hosted by Enduristan Italy
15-18.6.2023 Poland Enduro Rally 24, Drawsko Pomorskie Hosted by Enduristan Poland
21-25.6.2023 Poland North - South Touristic Rally Hosted by Enduristan Poland
22-25.6.2023 Romania Seawolves Bike Fest, Mamaia Nord - Constanta Hosted by Enduristan Romania
22-25.6.2023 Austria Newchurch Motorcycle Festival, Neukirchen am Großvenediger Hosted by Enduristan Germany
29.6.-2.7.2023 Romania Roadbook Experience, Runcu Tg Jiu Hosted by Enduristan Romania
1-2.7.2023 Switzerland Töff-Blutspende, Glaubenberg Hosted by Enduristan Switzerland
1-2.7.2023 Italy HAT Series: Sestriere Adventurefest, Sestriere Hosted by Enduristan Italy
2.7.2023 Poland Kocia Rajdowa reinkarnacja (Touristic Rally), Kłodzko Hosted by Enduristan Poland
13-16.7.2023 Romania Motoraliul Anual National, Rasnov Brasov Hosted by Enduristan Romania
14-16.7.2023 Italy HAT Series: Pavia - Sanremo, Pavia Hosted by Enduristan Italy
14-16.7.2023 Bulgaria Horizons Unlimited mini Meeting, Idilevo Hosted by Enduristan Bulgaria
23-25.7.2023 United Kingdom Adventure Bike Rider Festival, Warwickshire Hosted by Enduristan United Kingdom
24-28.7.2023 Romania Red Bull Romaniacs, Sibiu Hosted by Enduristan Romania
27-30.7.2023 Poland Szuter Rally Nad Bugiem (Touristic Rally), Drohiczyn Hosted by Enduristan Poland
5.8.2023 Poland Yamaha Tourist Rally Cup, Gorzów Wielkopolski Hosted by Enduristan Poland
17-20.8.2023 Romania Maris Fest, Tg Mures Hosted by Enduristan Romania
24-27.8.2023 Romania Horizons Unlimited mini Meeting, Bodvaj Hosted by Enduristan Romania
25-27.8.2023 Germany Maxlride Motofestival, Tuntenhausen Hosted by Enduristan Germany
1-3.9.2023 Germany MRT Reisetreffen, Gieboldehausen Hosted by Enduristan Germany
2.9.2023 Poland Yamaha Tourist Rally Cup, Bielsko Biała Hosted by Enduristan Poland
8.9.2023 Italy Queen Trophy, Bevagna (PG) Hosted by Enduristan Italy
8-10.9.2023 Italy HAT Series: Sanremo - Sestriere, Sanremo Hosted by Enduristan Italy
8-10.9.2023 Poland Kaszebe Rally (Touristic Rally), Kaszuby Hosted by Enduristan Poland
9-13.9.2023 Poland ADV 24, Bieszczady - Mazury Hosted by Enduristan Poland
14-17.9.2023 Poland ADV Rally, Gdansk - Sweden - Gdansk Hosted by Enduristan Poland
22-24.9.2023 Italy EXPO Transitalia Marathon, Rimini Hosted by Enduristan Italy
4.11.2023 Croatia Fox Enduro Day, Ribnik Hosted by Enduristan Croatia
7-12.11.2023 Italy EICMA, Mailand Hosted by Enduristan HQ and Enduristan Italy
8.12.2023 Italy Base Camp 6% - IX Edizione, Lazio Hosted by Enduristan Italy